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"I Don't Exaggerate...I Embellish"

Leslie has spent countless hours testing and using the various threads available and highly recommends using the below brands.

Her sewing machines and sergers of choice are the Babylock brand.  Information on Babylock machines can be viewed at  www.babylockusa.com.


Leslie recommends using Bottom Line in the bobbin (for all sewing applications) and So Fine! or Masterpiece in the needle.  These threads are available through Leslie’s Studio at www.lesliepeacock.com or at your local quilt shop.  The decorative and embroidery thread is Hemingworth thread and can be purchased through Leslie’s studio by going to:


Madeira Supertwist Metallic Thread is available through Leslie’s Studio at www.lesliepeacock.com

Double Diamond Ruler available through or Leslie’s Studio at www.lesliepeacock.com  or your local quilt shop.

A printable Order Form for Leslie’s supplies can be found by clicking here.

Madeira Supertwist Metallic Threads

Unique to the industry, Madeira’s spectacular Supertwist metallic threads are designed, developed and produced to the highest standards by Madeira owned Madeira  companies.  Madeira’s Supertwist metallic threads take you into a world of creativity and innovation.

Exclusive to Madeira, Supertwist is a sparkling metalized thread in iridescent tones, dazzling jewel and opal shades, plus an amazing selection of multi colors. New to the range are pastel-colored crystal hues, subtle and transparent, yet shimmering and stylish. The very particular twist of Supertwist and its fine finish, allow embroidery at highest speeds with no thread breaks on the most difficult material.

Leslie has used Supertwist metallic thread exclusively for a number of years and she has been very satisfied with the way it sews out, how it shimmers and how much it enhances design work.  The problem with metallic thread is how it is made and that is why many sewers have problems with its use.  Madeira Supertwist has been specifically designed for the newer high speed embroidery machines and yet it works beautifully on any machine and is beautiful in decorative stitching as well.

Below are the colors that are carried in Leslie’s studio at all times.  A color chart is also offered that shows all of the colors and types of decorative threads that are available and should there be a specific type, color or colors, you want, special orders will be taken at no additional charge.

The in-stock colors shown are available in 1100 meter and 5000 meter spools.  Prices on other type threads in this line vary.  Feel free to contact Leslie at
leslie@lesliepeacock.com  for pricing.

1000 meter spool:    $11.00    (Approximately 1100 yards)                

5000 meter spool:     $50.00    (Approximately 5400 yards)

Color Chart:              $  8.00


Gold Metal #21

Gold Nugget #25

Graphite (Black) #71

Jasper (Red) #40

Pure Gold #24

Tiger Eye #114

Turquoise #67

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